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    How to sell your property in Spain?

    The only thing you have to do is to contact us of course, and then we will make an appointment with you, to visit your property, and give you an estimate of the todays market price of your property.

    We will take professional photos of the exterior and interior of your property.  We sign the “sales agreement contract” with you, which give us the rights to advertise and to list your property on the market.

    Before we list your property on our web site, we will send you our presentation of your property which shows you how we are advertising your property and you can approve, or do some changes regarding the photos or text, etc…

    Thereafter we will check out if there is a perfect match between your property and our register of clients, and of course, inform them about our new property in our portfolio.

    If you want to purchase another property after we have sold your property we will of course do everything we can, to help you out to find and realise this as well.

    Ace Properties Costa del Sol will be happy to help you out with selling your property, so contact us today.


    Why Sell With Us?

    Arriving at the decision to appoint a real estate agent to sell your home or property investment is not made lightly and there are many factors to consider as an incorrect decision at this stage could cost you precious time and thousands of euros. In our experience the following should be considered:-


    We are very proud of our hard earned reputation and we are committed to deliver to you sound real estate advice. You deserve an agent who is focused on customer service, a personalised yet professional approach and who is capable of getting the job done right.

    Honesty and Communication

    It is more important than ever to know you can depend on agents with the knowledge and expertise to best assess where your property is placed.  Our professional conduct and clear communication provides buyers the confidence and trust they need to enter into negotiations on your property.

    Professional Marketing and Promotion

    Take advantage of our comprehensive marketing programme.  Your property deserves maximum exposure to attract all potential buyers.  We leverage technology to gain full advantage of what this can offer to our vendors and our buyers.  You deserve an agent who is capable of demonstrating how your home will be offered and marketed during the sale period, which has a critical bearing on the eventual sale price.


    Deciding the Asking Price

    Owners and agents do not decide what a property will sell for – the market does. The role of the agent is to be a translator in the overall marketing process.  There is only one determinant of the current ‘worth’ of a property and that is what someone is prepared to pay for it – a specific price, at a specific time.  Simply just contact us anytime when you are ready to list your property for sale!  Ace Properties Costa del Sol looks forward to hearing from you as soon as you are ready.